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Smart Space Platform

REPLICA - In Real Life Locations (IRL)

IRL as a Platform (IRLaaP™)

As the world rushes to achieve 'NetZero' emissions, profound change is quietly creeping upon us all. There will be a significant impact and effect on our lives, much sooner than you might think. Many of the things we currently take for granted, including travel, food, imported products, etc., will no longer be available or practical as we head toward and beyond 2030.

Great Reset is Upon Us
While world governments look to smart cities as a solution, at SPATIALx, we're taking the vision one step closer to home. Since 2017, we have been in Research and Discovery with our partners to uncover strategies for applying smart technology in Extended Reality applications powered by AI/ML.

The Building is Now the Platform
We're looking at buildings in the real world and how we can transform the bricks-and-mortar of these IRL locations into NetZero structures that have no limits on the number of products they contain, the number of stores housed within or the experiences that can be had across multiple countries.

We've identified three critical workflows in volumetric capture: Subject, Static Object, and Live Performance.

  1. Subject Capture – Full-body person scan with measurements accurately taken from head to toe to produce a life-like holographic digital twin.
  2. Object Capture – Static inanimate objects (e.g., products, buildings, contextual models).
  3. Live Performance Capture - Individual and group live performances are captured in real-time to create a genuinely immersive portrayal within XR environments.

The decentralised economy in XR is driven by crypto, smart contracts and utility tokens. Establishing a universal identification ID that is global and wholly owned by the users is essential. Several initiatives already exist within the world today. However, we must work together to cultivate a trustworthy and open platform to support future applications.

We are contributing strategic direction to help guide the discussion, involving creators, brand owners and users to track identification, revenue and royalty payments and more.

We began the creation of something we lovingly call HILLSY, our Human Intelligent Language Learning System. Presented at Augmented World Expo USA, BEYOND and featured in the Washington Post, HILLSY is an AI platform that generates replicated, emotional voice synthesis.

Ultimately, we aim to collaboratively create a brain which can be infused within a 3D hologram, replicating spoken words and emotions with acute language accuracy. We can then connect HILLSY to a holographic digital twin, creating a dynamic conversational interface indistinguishable from our real-life counterparts.





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